Dharma Brands

about us

Dharma Brands is a digital marketing agency specializing in brand development. We help companies find their passion by asking: 

"What is your brands’ purpose?

Dharma Brands was founded in 2017 with the mission of creating effective branding for businesses, individuals, and artists to match their superb service, product, or talent. 

The Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life - says that everyone has a purpose in life, a unique gift or special talent to give to others. When we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the exultation of our own spirit.


Dharma Brands are those that seek to have their image match their service, product or talent.

The 8 Laws of Branding are:

  1. Specialization

  2. Knowledgeable Leadership

  3. Personality

  4. Distintiveness

  5. Visibility

  6. Utility

  7. Persistence

  8. Goodwill


Let us help you find your path. Are you a Dharma Brand? 


Our Services


MArketing audit

Your brand's transformation starts here. Before we begin a consulting strategy, we conduct and present to our clients a "marketing audit" with recommendations on what can be improved and/or created to better serve your audience and customers. We review your online presence including but not limited to; your website, social media channels, review websites, communication, reviews, and any other platforms for your business.

website creation 

A website is a must today. Whether it is a product, service, restaurant, beauty salon, or if you are a traveling makeup artist or musician, your website is your business. Future customers as well as existing ones utilize your website (along with social media and other platforms) to engage with you and this can translate into sales. We create websites that represent your business and motivates customers to act, i.e. buy from you..


social media strategy and management

Do your social media posts have a strategy? If you answered 'no', chances are that your marketing and branding is not consistent which can be confusing to potential customers and clients. We develop a personalized strategy, brand story and voice for your business that accurately represents your organization and actively engages your core market.

Along with a digital marketing strategy, we offer management of all your social media platforms. Small businesses don't have time to do it all; we create your content, take the photos, write the copy and hashtags, create ads, run the ads, analyze the ads, and engage with your audience. This will in turn, convert into sales.

logo creation

Your logo should represent what you do and why. Most companies and individuals will already have a professional logo. In some cases, logos can be improved or created for those who need the image to represent their company/talent/service/product perfectly.



For consultancy inquiries, please fill out the form and describe your goals.